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  • Papa

    Another day's work

    January 26, 2018 by Papa

    I've created stubs for all of JCW's novels and series. Have not done short or collaborative works (there is a complete list of all his works on JCW's blog), but I think adding them here can wait.

    Please edit your favorite novels' pages. Most of them don't have anything more than an (incomplete) infobox. You can use the Bibliography page to find works not yet linked from the top page.

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  • Papa

    New on the wiki

    January 25, 2018 by Papa
    • Brushed-up standard templates Template:Infobox_book and Template:Infobox; added Template:ISBN.
    • Started adding infobox to Count to the Eschaton Sequence books.
    • Added stubs for The Golden Oecumene series and books.
    • Created Bibliography list of all JCW books (but does not include collaborative works yet).
    • Completed uploaded cover images.
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  • Papa

    To Sequence or not to Sequence

    January 25, 2018 by Papa

    I'm debating changing the name of the page Count to the Eschaton to add "Sequence" at the end. It would save the effort of typing "Sequence" every time we refer to the series (since Wikia automagically proposes a list of page names when you start to type a link), and would better differentiate the page for the series from those for the individual novels.

    So, is it more correct to say that JCW's six book series about the eschaton is a sequence with the title "Count to the Eschaton", or that it's a series with the title "Count to the Eschaton Sequence"?

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  • Papa

    Community communication

    January 25, 2018 by Papa

    Forums and their successor Discussions look like over-kill, and since there hasn't been a rush of volunteers to work on the wiki, I will keep it simple and use this blog as our community communication center for the time being.

    Click the "Recent blog posts" link on the Community menu at the top of each page to see what's going on.

    Add a comment to a blog post if you want to start a conversation. Or post to your own blog (there's "Create blog post" links both on the "Recent posts" page and on your Profile).

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  • Papa

    I blog therefore I am

    January 24, 2018 by Papa

    Hi! Just trying to figure out my way around the wiki now that I'm an admin (my new role model).

    The Fandom wiki engine includes a lot of features for communication and community building: wiki pages, wiki page comments, wiki page talk pages, the community portal, forums, blogs, .... The technology has come a long way since WikiWikiWeb.

    It would take a very large and active community to make good use of all those tools. It's a puzzle trying to anticipate which tools will be most useful for us.

    Comments are welcome. ;)

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