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His Latest

Count to the Eschaton

  1. Count to a Trillion (2011)
  2. The Hermetic Millennia (2012)
  3. The Judge of Ages (2014)
  4. The Concubine Vector (in production)
  5. The Vindication of Man (tentative title) (planned)
  6. Count to Infinity (tentative title) (planned)

Other Series

The Golden Age Series

  1. The Golden Age (2002)
  2. The Phoenix Exultant (2003)
  3. The Golden Transcendance (2003)

War of Dreaming

  1. Last Guardian of Everness (2004)
  2. Mists of Everness (2005)

Chronicles of Chaos

  1. Orphans of Chaos (2005)
  2. Fugitives of Chaos (2006)
  3. Titans of Chaos (2007)

Other Novels

Latest activity

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