Below is an alphabetic list of the factions and races to which Count to the Eschaton characters belong.

Descriptions of the groups may contain SPOILERS.

Blue Men (Simplifiers)
Designer: Elton Linder
Dominant period: A.D. 8500-8900
Language: Intertextual
Designer: Narcis D'Arago
Dominant period: A.D. 4500-5900
Language: Chimerical, Virginian
Dominant period:
Language: English?
Giants (Thucydideans)
Designer: Menalaus Montrose
Dominant period: A.D. 2500-3000
Language: Anglatino
Gray Men (Linderlings)
Designer: Elton Linder
Dominant period: A.D. 8800-9500
Language: Intertextual
Dominant period: A.D 2360-2401
Language: Spanish, English
Hormagaunts (Iatrocrats)
Designer: Father Reyes y Pastor
Dominant period: A.D. 7000-8000
Language: Iatric
Language: Latin
Designer: Jaume Coronimas
Dominant period: A.D. 7500-8500 or -9500
Language: Intertextual
Designer: Ximen del Azarchel
Dominant period: 9500-
Language: Verbal/Glyphic
Language: ?
Nymphs (Naturals)
Designer: Sarmento i Illa D'Or
Dominant period: A.D. 6000-7000
Language: Natural
Savants (Slaves of the Machine)
Dominant period: A.D. 2476-2525
Language: Merikan
Scholars (Psychics)
Dominant period: A.D. 2370-2525
Language: Korrecthotspeek (English dialect)
Designer: Menelaus Montrose
Dominant period: A.D. 10000-
Language: Verbal?
Sylphs (Floaters)
Dominant period: A.D. 2500-2700
Language: Spanish, Nipponese, Merikan pidgin
Witches (Wise)
Designer: Melchor de Ulloa
Dominant period: A.D. 3300-4900
Language: Virginian

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