Time LineEdit

The following is a list of the historic periods over which the series takes place. For spoilers, see the individual period pages or the Small-scale Time Line.

Human Era (Count to a Trillion)Edit

A.D. 2235-2360: Voyage of the NTL Hermetic to the Diamond Star and the Monument.

2360-2369: Survivors of Hermetic crew form the Hermetic Order, conquer Earth, and establish the Tellurian Concordat.

2410s-2501: Cryonarchy Period

2501-2533: Ecclesiarch Period (Age of the Giants)

Posthuman Era (The Hermetic Millenia, Judge of Ages) (2535-10515)Edit

3090-3300: Simon Family Period

3300-4888: Age of Witches

4900-5950: Age of Chimerae

5990-7000: Age of Nymphs

7000-7990: Age of Hormagaunts

8000-9100: Age of Locusts

9000-10515: Age of Melusine

Swan Era (10515-)Edit

The Judge of Ages ends at the beginning of the Swan Era. Events in this and later eras will presumably be described in later novels in the series. The author has stated that his largest scale time line for the series extends to A.D. 500,000,000,000 and possibly beyond.