The Count to the Eschaton Sequence is a six-novel series written by John C. Wright. It has elements of both space opera and hard science fiction, touching on themes of transhumanism, eternity, immortality, fidelity, and honor. The story stretches from Texas, Earth in the near future to the end of space and time. It chronicles the life of Menaleus Montrose, a gunslinger-lawyer-turned-spaceman, his once-friend and sworn arch-enemy Ximen del Azarchel, and their spacetime-spanning contest for the heart of a space princess and the destiny of the human race. 

Novels in the SequenceEdit

  1. Count to a Trillion (2012)
  2. The Hermetic Millennia (2013)
  3. The Judge of Ages (2015)
  4. The Architect of Aeons (2015)
  5. The Vindication of Man (2016)
  6. Count to Infinity (2017)

Commentary Edit

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Gravity wellEdit

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Eschaton Companion Edit

It is easy to get lost in a story that spans the entire history of the universe. The Eschaton Companion is the reader's guide to the infinite intricacies of the Sequence.

Schwartzschild radiusEdit

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